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The Tempo Temporary Cardiac Pacing Lead
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The Tempo Lead

Designed for Safety and Cost-Effectiveness
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The Tempo Lead Advantages

The incremental procedure cost to treat a cardiac perforation caused by cardiac lead placement can exceed $100,000*. The Tempo Lead’s unique design virtually eliminates perforation risk, provides secure and stable temporary pacing, and allows patients to ambulate sooner after procedures such as TAVR.

Avoid myocardial

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Maintain rapid pacing during TAVR valve placement

Free up critical ICU/CCU beds

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Safely mobilize patients

Reduce length of stay (LOS)

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Proven Safe and Effective in a US Multi-Center Study

Results from a study of 269 patients from six US centers** confirm the Tempo Lead is safe and effective for temporary cardiac pacing, provides stable peri- and post-procedural pacing support, and facilitates post-procedure ambulation.



Successful placement

and pacing



Perforations, effusions, or arrhythmias



Mean pace capture


Post Procedure 







Dislodgments in

mobilized patients



Final mean pace

capture threshold

 *Cantillon DJ et al., Complications and Health Care Costs Associated With Transvenous Cardiac Pacemakers in a Nationwide Assessment, JACC: Clinical Electrophysiology, Volume 3, Issue 11, 2017, Pages 1296-1305,ISSN 2405-500X,

**Nazif TM et al., The initial U.S. experience with the Tempo active fixation temporary pacing lead in structural heart interventions. Catheter Cardiovasc Interv. 2019;1–6.


Innovation Designed to Eliminate Complications

and Reduce Costs

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The Tempo Temporary Cardiac Pacing Lead active fixation

Active Fixation Mechanism

Small atraumatic stabilizer loops are deployed and retracted using the handle, providing secure fixation and maintaining stable pace capture.

Soft Distal Tip

Unlike the hard, rigid distal tip of a conventional lead that can cause myocardial perforation, the Tempo Lead's soft distal tip virtually eliminates perforation risk.

The Tempo Temporary Cardiac Pacing Lead Soft Tip
The Tempo Temporary Cardiac Pacing Lead asymmetric elastomeric balloon

Asymmetric Elastomeric Balloon

The balloon may be inflated to aid passage of the lead through the venous vasculature and into the right ventricle, and aids in wall apposition during deployment of the stabilizers.

Use Per FDA Cleared Labeling


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