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Tempo Lead
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Merit Medical

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The ONLY Active Fixation Temporary Pacing Lead

BioTrace Medical’s Tempo® Temporary Pacing Lead delivers secure and stable pacing, reducing complications and allowing patients to ambulate sooner after procedures such as TAVR, TMVR, and cardiac surgery.

The Tempo Temporary Cardiac Pacing Lead


Perforations, effusions,

or arrhythmias*

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Conventional cardiac temporary pacing leads can cause complications

Limitations of Conventional Temporary Pacing Leads

Conventional temporary pacing leads can cause serious complications such as cardiac perforation and valve embolization. In addition, loss of pace capture due to lead instability prevents patient mobilization, delaying post-procedural ambulation and physical rehabilitation.


Cardiac perforation and/or tamponade**


Dislodgment/loss of

pace capture***

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The Tempo Temporary Cardiac Pacing Lead

The Tempo Lead Advantages

  • The Tempo Lead's unique design delivers safe, secure pacing and allows patients to ambulate sooner after procedures.

  • In over 12,000 US Tempo Lead placements  there have been only five reported cardiac perforations****





Dislodgment and/or 

loss of pace capture****

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Rethink the Temporary Pacing Lead:
Innovation Designed to Eliminate Complications and Reduce Costs

* Nazif TM et al., The initial U.S. experience with the Tempo active fixation temporary pacing lead in structural heart interventions. Catheter Cardiovasc Interv. 2019;1–6 

** Metkus, et al. Chest. 2019; Lopez, et al. Rev Esp Cardiol. 2004; Betts, Postgrad Med J. 2003; Jowett, et al. Postgrad Med J. 1989
*** Austin, et al. Am J Cardiol. 1982; Gammage, Heart 2000; Lumia et al. Chest 1973

**** Company data on file as of October 2021

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A New Standard of Care for Temporary Pacing

Watch the Tempo Lead in action! The Tempo Lead’s unique design – featuring  novel retractable stabilizer loops and a soft tip - virtually eliminates the risks of dislodgment and perforation, ensures stability during rapid pacing, and facilitates patient ambulation in recovery.

The Tempo Temporary Cardiac Pacing Lead
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The Tempo Temporary Cardiac Pacing Lead

Assure your patients' safety and eliminate costly
temporary pacing complications.

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