Tempo Lead Cost Savings

Cardiac Perforation Cost Savings Calculator

Common temporary pacing leads are associated with serious complications  including cardiac perforation/tamponade; reported rates range from 0.6% to 4%.


In a study of health claim data from over 72,000 transvenous pacemaker implantations, the incremental  costs of an acute cardiac perforation were $102,000 for commercially-insured procedures  and $39,000 for those reimbursed by Medicare (Cantillon et al., JACC Nov 2017).

The Tempo Lead’s unique design - featuring a soft tip and a novel active fixation mechanism - reduces the risks of perforation and dislodgment.

ENTER your estimated annual number of perforation/effusion complications (or rate)  to see the potential cost savings made possible by the Tempo Lead.

ICU/CCU to Step-Down Unit Cost Savings Calculator

Some facilities will not permit patient transfer to step-down unit with standard temporary leads because of perforation and dislodgment/loss of pace capture risks.

The Tempo Lead's active fixation design assures safety (and facilitates ambulation) and is appropriate for the step-down unit (SDU) environment.

ENTER your bed-day costs and average LOS to see the potential cost savings made possible by the Tempo Lead.



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